Saturday, February 18, 2012

Love At First Sight - Air Jordan 4's

My pair of Air Jordan Retro 4's.
This morning I went to Expression's in Jamaica Plain and I copped a pair of Air Jordan Retro 4's.  This was more than just a regular pick up for the collection, this was a flash back into 1989, my first year of High School.  This was also the first pair of Jordan's that I ever owned.  I remember tax season rolled around at about the same time that the Air Jordan IV's were released.  My mom, sister and I hopped on the 43 Bus and made our way to Downtown, Boston.  We went to Crystal's on Washington Street.  I was mesmerized by these basketball sneakers. They had an extra long tongue with the Jordan logo and the word "flight" under the logo, a mesh material on both sides of each shoe and the middle/bottom of the tongue, this real dope black paint splatter design on the light grey portions of the shoe and a nice and big "Nike Air" on the back portion of the sneaker.  They were different than any other sneaker on the wall, yet stylish... shoes that look good on the court and just as fresh with a long pair of denim jeans.  The price tag was steep at that time (they retailed for $110.00 I believe) and although my mom balked at the price, I was doing good and school and I was a good kid so she gave in pretty quickly and purchased them for me.
I remember putting them on as soon as we got home, I then proceeded to wear them almost everyday into the spring and summer.  By the end of the summer, my 4's were used up pretty good.  There were scuff marks all over them, the bottoms were worn out and they were no longer the glowing white sneakers I pulled out of the box earlier in the year.  As my freshman year of high school quickly approached, it occurred to me that it would have been the perfect shoes to wear for the first day of school... back then, the idea of putting sneakers "on ice" was not on my radar.  Instead the sneakers I wore for the first day of high school were a pair of white on black Adidas Forums, not a bad second choice but nowhere near the dopeness of the 4's.
Getting my first pair of Air Jordan's is a great memory, I remember it like it was yesterday.  For sneakerheads, there are always a variety of reasons for liking and purchasing sneakers, sometimes it's the color or the style, sometimes it's the need to want to shine or fit in and sometimes buying a pair of retro sneakers brings you back to a time when life was a little easier.
I fell in love with sneakers that day.  That was the day everything changed, that was the day I became a sneakerhead... and although it would be another 3 years before I showed the tendencies of a sneakerhead, that day the seed was planted.   Don't ever be ashamed of being a sneakerhead, say it loud and wear them proud.  Sometimes our reasons for purchasing all these sneakers in our closet don't have to be explained to anyone, sometimes it's just known to you and that's okay.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Winter in Massachusetts

It was a crazy 2011 for me and my intention of taking pictures at the same location for our 4 seasons fell below my radar.  But with the real possibility that we wont see any more snow, I was lucky to take these pictures when it snowed a few weeks back.  (Spring pics HERE and as always, clicking on the pic will give you a bigger more detailed picture)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall in Massachusetts

Here are some more pictures taken around my way, right off of West Boundary Road in West Roxbury, MA. Taken today, October 23, 2011.


Friday, May 20, 2011

Fashion Reviews & Assurances

(****I want to preface this blog entry by saying that I am, by no means, a "professional" fashion critic.  I have no training and very little experience when it comes to fashion that is beyond a t-shirt, a pair of denim jeans and sneakers.  So take my reviews with a grain of salt... I have no idea what I'm talking about.****)
Last week I was at Dedham's Legacy Place and I had miss read the app that posted the movie times so I was an hour early for "Thor".  I decided to pass the time by hitting up some clothing stores and checking the current trends.  With the release of the Tightly Laced Kicks: "Graffiti Legends" Series 1 T-Shirts  a few months ago, I have to always stay up to date on what's out there in the clothing market.
My observations:
The Gap: They had their usual preppy but cool line of polo's, dress close and cargo pants. Their denim jeans and t-shirts are classic and timeless and, from experience, the materials always hold up after numerous washings.
Banana Republic
Banana Republic: This was my first time ever in the store... true story! I liked their clothes, a few times I let out a "this is dope!" to no one in particular. The clothes feel like good quality and stitching is on point! The casual jacket is particularly well crafted.  The prices where more than The Gap, but the quality was as well.
L.L. Bean: I've always been a fan of the brand.  My thought before going in was that this outdoor wear shop was really different than my first two store stops. Yes and no. L.L. Bean is a camping store but they also carry the same style clothes as the other two shops. Except in most cases the gear is more rugged, visually indestructible.  Their polo's were cheaper but the material is probably of cheaper costs so they pass the savings to the consumer.  I also saw a pair of boots that I had ordered from an L.L. Bean catalogue when I was in high school because they had no retail stores in Boston.
Urban Outfitters: I've been to the UO store on Newbury Street a handful of times 5-6 years ago. I always just thought they sold "grunge" gear.  (I might just be misremembering my trips to UO, I can't remember ever buying anything there) Today's visit either refreshed my memory or presented a new image to me about what UO is. They carried a multitude if brands/lines which surprised me because I swore they only sold the UO brand.  UO is like a Dicks Sporting Goods only not athletically themed.  They carry the Adidas and Nike brand just to name a few.  They also had some cool graphic t-shirts of Gizmo (from "Gremlins" fame) and a classic picture tee of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson.
It was good going into all these stores and getting a feel (literally) for the quality and styles on the market today.  It felt good to know that the quality of the shirt chosen for the TLK apparel line were similar, and in some cases, exceeded what these store were selling.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring in Massachusettes

So here it is... a new category on the blog dedicated to the pictures I take, I figured it's easier to just post some pics as apposed to a written entry. A bit lazy but the pictures are dope... enjoy.